AVERio & Vayyar Fall Detection Technology: Helping to Keep People Safe

AVERio & Vayyar Fall Detection Technology
AVERio & Vayyar Fall Detection Technology

Fall Detection in Real Time

Vayyar creates 3D imaging devices for healthcare, including fall detection technology that uses radar sensors to send instant warnings to carers through platforms like AVERio. With a focus on Vayyar’s fall detection technology, we take a look at the advantages of technology-enabled care in the context of health and social care in this article.

Technology can revolutionize social and medical services by providing better care for elderly patients with chronic conditions. With technological developments, it is now possible to give patients, especially those who are elderly or have chronic conditions, better care. Fall detection, which is a problem that older people frequently experience, is one area where technology has made significant advancements. Serious injuries from falls, such as fractures, head injuries, and even mortality, are possible. Actually, among older adults, falls are the main source of injury. Therefore, fall detection technology can reduce the impact of falls or help avoid them altogether.

Technology to Enhance Lives

The fall detection technology developed by Vayyar is a wonderful illustration of how technology can be used to enhance lives. The technology employs radar sensors which, when connected to an integrated care platform such as AVERio, can instantly alert loved ones or carers when a fall is detected in real time. This lowers the possibility of suffering a severe injury because help can be given right away. In order to reduce false alarms, the system can also distinguish between falls and other actions like sitting down or getting up from a chair.

Vayyar’s fall detection technology can be used in hospitals, nursing homes, and private dwellings, offering constant monitoring and privacy. This implies that seniors can be watched over constantly, wherever they are, whilst maintaining privacy. Additionally, the technology is non-intrusive, not requiring any cameras, microphones or wearables. For older adults who are reluctant to use technology or who have privacy concerns, it is the perfect answer.

Helping to Provide Peace of Mind

Vayyar’s fall detection system has the added advantage of being able to monitor activity levels. This implies that family members or carers can keep an eye on older people’s everyday activities to make sure they’re staying engaged and active. As it can encourage social engagement and interaction, this is crucial for older people who are at risk of social isolation or loneliness.

Vayyar’s fall detection technology can lighten the workload for carers and offer peace of mind. Particularly for those taking care of older adults, providing care can be a demanding and stressful work. The ability to monitor a loved one around-the-clock thanks to technology can offer carers peace of mind. Additionally, it can lessen the chance of carer fatigue, allowing them to care for their loved ones more effectively.

In conclusion, the way we offer healthcare and social care services has the potential to change as a result of technology. The fall detection technology developed by Vayyar is a wonderful illustration of how technology can be used to enhance the lives of seniors. The technology can be used in a variety of situations, is non-intrusive, and can lighten the load on carers. We can improve older people’s quality of life, lower healthcare costs, and encourage healthy ageing by using technology to avoid falls.


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