The Care Workers’ Charity Employee Grant Giving Initiative

A post by The Care Workers’ Charity:

As 2023 progresses, the care sector has faced a stream of disappointing lack of support, commitment and hope for the future of the sector. It has become more and more apparent that answers must come from within itself as the lifeboats are not coming from parliament any time soon.      

That’s why The Care Workers’ Charity have decided to offer care providers the ability to set up support funds for their own employees that work the same way as the fund they run for care workers across the UK. It is their way to further support care workers, providers and the wider sector.

Since 2020, their grants and mental health support have benefited over 8700 people who work in formal care settings across the UK. This has been done by awarding over £5 million in grants.

Let them help by designing a hardship fund for your employees only. They will work with you to ensure that the grants reach those who need them most and tackle the issues which are important to you teams.

For more information check their website or contact [email protected]


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Fall detection | Activity monitoring | Realtime alerts

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AVERio uses discreet sensors to enable independence & provide peace of mind

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