£600K Available in Grant Funding

You could be eligible for a Social Care Technology grant worth up to £600K to help digitise your care organisation. The funds can be used for a variety of digital solutions providing any of the following fund acceptance criteria is met:

Funding Acceptance Criteria:
– Increase care quality and safety (including safe discharge from hospital).
– Reduce avoidable admission/readmissions to hospital.
– Increase support for people to live independently in their own home.
– Your care organisation must be located in England.

What it Means For You

This means you could be eligible for a fully funded grant up to £600K for any of the following within your care organisation:

– Digital fall detection technology

– Hydration monitoring solutions

– Bed/door exit monitoring

– Health & vital signs monitoring

– Procuring digital rostering systems

– Electronic care planning

– Integrating electronic MARR chart solutions

100% Funded. £600K Available

The Social Care Technology Fund is 100% funded – there is nothing for providers to pay in terms of fees or matched funding. It’s complete free – all that is needed is a couple of hours commitment from you to scope out the high level project requirements. The team at AVERio (with 30 years experience in adult health & social care) will work with you to write and submit the grant application completely free of charge.

How To Apply

You’ll need to hurry – applications close Friday 26rd May 2023!

If you’d like to apply, you can first register your interest with the AVERio team using the simple form below and a member of our team will call you back. If you’d like further information before proceeding you can use the live chat feature on-page, email us here or call 0161 552 4224.
Important Information
You can also apply directly via Digital Social Care. AVERio is not affiliated with Digital Social Care or the grant application process in any way. We have access to implementation & software partners (which is required as part of the application) and our experienced team can scope, manage and deliver the project for you, if successful. There is no cost to you for these services.
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