Peace of mind for you. Independence for them. vie by AVERio.

Smart technology that gives you peace of mind and your loved one’s independence, with the vie Watch and vie Pebble by AVERio. 

Embrace your independence with our personal alarms and fall detection technology.

 Pick your device and payment method today starting from £0 up-front for your smart device when you subscribe to one of our plans.

Our wearable smart devices

Choose from the vie Pebble or the vie Watch with one of our great subscription plans for peace-of-mind, for those that care.

Pendant with SOS button.

vie Pebble with personal alarm

Call for help with the press of a button on a device that easily fits on a keyring, discover the vie Pebble…


vie Watch with fall detection

The vie Watch from AVERio keeps you safe 24/7 with a range of smart features, discover more…

GPS location, SOS alarm and health monitoring, redefined

The vie Watch and vie Pebble, when combined with a subscription plan, come with the My AVERio app with a range of features designed to keep you safe 24/7

Live alerts

Monitor your step count and easily view and acknowledge alerts directly from the app.

GPS locate now

GPS location services allow you to share your location with loved ones, for combined peace of mind.

Quick call

With the devices built-in SIM card you can call directly from the app 24/7 and they can call you.

Health monitoring

Be reassured with heart rate and blood pressure monitors for the vie Watch or vie Pebble.

Why AVERio?

Choosing the vie Watch or vie Pebble from AVERio ensures you benefit from over 30 years of expertise in health and social care. The AVERio team, led by Phil Neilson, and Mat Bailey, brings a wealth of experience and innovation in care management and digital health solutions.

Their backgrounds in health tech & integration ensure that each product is designed to enhance safety, improve care delivery, and provide peace of mind. Invest in a vie Watch or vie Pebble for cutting-edge fall detection and 24/7 health monitoring, backed by a team dedicated to revolutionising care through technology. 

Why vie?

The Latin word “vie,” meaning “life,” underscores AVERio’s commitment to enhancing life through innovation. vie Watch and vie Pebble embody this philosophy, offering smart fall-detection and 24/7 health monitoring. These devices ensure peace of mind, empowering everyone to live life fully and safely. Experience the essence of “vie” with AVERio.

Subscribe today starting from £0 up-front

Peace of mind is priceless (almost). Pay £0 up-front for your smart fall-detection device when you subscribe. T&Cs apply. 

Basic Plan



£22 per month subscription

Premium Plan



£30 per month subscription

Pro Plan



12-months FREE subscription

After 12 months, the Basic and Premium plans continue with no changes in price. The Pro plan changes to £30 per month subscription. 

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