vie Pebble pendant alarm with one-touch SOS

The vie Pebble pendant alarm by AVERio is compact and lightweight, about the size of a car key and weighing only 40 grams. It stays connected with a multi-network SIM chip, offers precise GPS tracking within 10 meters, and sends location updates every 4 minutes. It features two-way voice communication for quick assistance, a 48-hour battery life, and easy, hassle-free charging.

Yes to living a full life

The vie Pebble by AVERio empowers you to live freely and fully. It offers reliable connectivity, precise GPS tracking, quick help via two-way communication, long battery life, and hassle-free charging, ensuring safety and independence.

vie Pebble is packed with great features

The vie Pebble comes packed with great features to keep you safe 24/7

GPS Locate Now

GPS location services allow you to share your location with loved ones, for combined peace of mind.

Up To 48 Hour Battery

Peace of mind that your vie Pebble pendant alarm is always operating with a low-battery alert.

One Touch SOS

With 2-way calling from the built-in SIM stay in touch with a loved one or named contact.

Easy Charging

Simple drop-in charging base means there are no fiddly connections to mess with.

Why vie?

The Latin word “vie,” meaning “life,” underscores AVERio’s commitment to enhancing life through innovation. vie Watch and vie Pebble embody this philosophy, offering smart fall-detection and 24/7 health monitoring. These devices ensure peace of mind, empowering everyone to live life fully and safely. Experience the essence of “vie” with AVERio.

Pick a plan for your vie Pebble starting from £0 up-front

What's in the box?

vie Pebble

The pendant alarm itself, with a great 48 hour battery and one-touch SOS button.

Drop-in charging dock

Easy to use charging base with no fiddly connections.


The vie Pebble easily fits in your pocket, or can be hung around you neck with the supplied lanyard.


Real time alerting via the free My AVERio mobile app, 1 touch SOS, 2 way calling, GPS location updated every 15 minutes, location on demand, geofence alerting, rechargeable battery with included docking station, battery lasts up to 48 hours. 12 month warranty included. Please note the vie Pebble is not water proof and must not be used whilst bathing/showering and must not be submerged in water.

Subscribe with flexible payment options to suit you

We recommend the Premium Plan freeing you from up-front costs

Basic Plan



£22 per month subscription

Premium Plan



£30 per month subscription

Pro Plan



12 months free subscription

After 12 months, the Basic and Premium plans continue with no changes in price. The Pro plan changes to £30 per month subscription. 

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