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Ageing in Place - Connected Care

Ageing In Place – Connected Care

In the UK, the idea of “ageing in place,” or enabling people to live freely in their own homes as they age, is becoming more and more popular. The implementation of Connected Care home technologies is essential to bringing this … Read More

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Measuring the ROI of Technology-Enabled Care Solutions

As more health & social care providers and organisations adopt technology-enabled care solutions, the need to evaluate Return on Investment (ROI) is becoming ever more relevant. While the benefits of TEC solutions are readily apparent in improved resident outcomes and … Read More

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Aquarate and AVERio Join Forces to Enhance Care For Vulnerable Individuals

Aquarate, the healthtech company that’s reinventing hydration with its groundbreaking smart cup, has joined forces with AVERio, a leading provider of fall detection and monitoring software, to announce an exciting new partnership. This collaboration aims to drive positive change in … Read More

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The role of technology in social care

The Role of Technology in Social Care

Technology is becoming more and more important in many facets of our life in today’s fast-paced and connected society. Social care is one area where it has advanced significantly. Technology is transforming the social care sector because it has the … Read More

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The Care Workers’ Charity Employee Grant Giving Initiative

A post by The Care Workers’ Charity: As 2023 progresses, the care sector has faced a stream of disappointing lack of support, commitment and hope for the future of the sector. It has become more and more apparent that answers … Read More

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AVERio Rebel Startup of the Year Award

AVERio announced as winner at prestigious StartUp Awards

We are thrilled to announce our recent win at this year’s StartUp Awards North West! AVERio has been named Rebel StartUp of the Year for 2023, thanks to our work in moving the care industry forward by introducing new technology … Read More

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48 Hours Cycling Challenge

The Care Workers Charity 48 Hour Cycle Challenge

Donate NOW Epic 48-hour charity cycling challenge David Lynes, CEO & Founder of Unique IQ, will this week attempt the gruelling challenge with the aim of raising £10,000 for The Care Workers’ Charity. The Care Workers’ Charity has recently issued … Read More

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Being Care First in a Digital Age

What Does Being “Care First” Mean? Being “care first” is more crucial than ever in the digital world, especially when it comes to health and social care. Technology’s advancement has created a wide variety of advantages and opportunities, but it … Read More

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The Importance of Mental health support for older adults

The Importance of Mental Health Support for Older Adults

Mental Health is a Crucial Aspect of General Health For older adults in particular, mental health is a crucial aspect of general health and wellbeing. Age-related mental health issues can vary from depression and anxiety to dementia and other cognitive … Read More

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The Correlation Between Falls and Dehydration

The Correlation Between Falls & Dehydration

How Hydration Monitoring Helps The most common injury and hospitalisation reason for older persons is falls. Ineffective hydration monitoring can lead to dehydration which is one factor that has been linked to falls in older people. Falls and dehydration have … Read More

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